Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

costume porn: BBC's The Hour

OOOOOOMMMMG this show is filling the giant Mad Men sized hole in my heart this summer, although I am with the critics in saying that it is really not the same show at all. Tonally, very different, as Mad Men is more of a character piece and The Hour more of a mystery story/workplace drama. Oh and Britain in the '50s is obviously a very different place than New York in the '60s. And a newsroom is nothing like an ad agency. I could go on. But the clooooothes! Ben Whishaw's sweaters and tweeds! McNulty's sleek suits! Romola Garai's general fabulousness! The other lady that works there who covered the war and is awesome and wears sweet Katherine Hepburn trousers and fabulous blouses all day but I don't know her name! It is all SO GOOD.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have been somewhat sartorially disappointed with all the music videos from Lady Gaga's latest, but this one BRINGS IT. Also it is INSANE. She makes out with her sexy Cry Baby channeling self! IT IS AWESOME. Also it's kind of good this video is so interesting because it is literally my least favourite song on that album.

Friday, August 5, 2011

fuchsia and red -- historically fabulous??


So I was reading an article in Flare about Balenciaga and how he liked to use fuchsia and red because they were the Spanish royal colours, to which I thought "MOST FABULOUS ROYAL COLOURS EVER" (although purple and royal blue is still great) and because I am a nerd I hopped onto google to find out if this was actually true.

Well, I didn't, but I did find this little tidbit:
"The second grade of monsignor is the Prelate of Honor to His Holiness. This grade was historically associated with the chamberlain of the papal court and today can also be conferred to priests outside of the papal court. A Prelate of Honor to His Holiness, during liturgies, wears a bishop’s choir cassock, which is fuchsia in color with red buttons, piping and cuffs, and a fuchsia sash. Prelates of Honor to His Holiness may also wear a bishop’s black cassock, which also has red buttons, piping and a fuchsia sash." (Link here)

For reference the monsignors were primarily from the 14th century and referred to the time when the Papacy was housed in Avignon, France instead of Vatican City. But anyways, this, combined with the fabulousness of the costumes on The Borgias further convinces me that I was probably like, a cardinal in a past life, because their clothes were DOPE.

In other news, this is a fall colour trend I will definitely try to participate in, because LOVE.