Friday, October 28, 2011

craziest sentence in vogue: october 2011 edition

OK, so the September issue (despite it's ridonkulous ad to content ratio), was surprisingly low key and down to earth. There just wasn't the crazy pretention (it helped that there were no articles about plastic surgery, or diets, of course) that I, a pleeb, have become accustomed to within Vogue's hallowed pages.
But don't worry! For October it was back to form!! This little snippet is from "Family Fictions", Jeanne Darst's account of her childhood with her socialite mother and her penniless writer father.

"'I didn't sign up for this sweetheart,' [my mother]'d say to me as she warmed up for her evening weepathon. The first mother I saw like mine was Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie, going into reveries about her suitors. There was Rodney, the man my mother should have married; she could have had lunch every day at the St. Louis Country Club. He was presumably a bore and a penny-loafer guy. And was named Rodney. Or Chip Boulard, whose family owned the biggest lead company in the world. She could have had the fanciest pencils in all the world, I guess, which, when you're a crossword fanatic as she was, might be no small thing. I spoke French in preschool and now look at me, she seemed to say on a nightly basis."
pg. 180

I have a few things to say about this piece: 1. THESE PEOPLE CAN'T POSSIBLY BE REAL!! 2. There are socialites in St. Louis!? and 3. If I'm being honest, I secretly wish this was my family. But seriously, I can't believe any of these people ever existed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

gillian jacobs at the elle annual women in hollywood tribute

I could almost get behind this. I mean, I am not against pattern clashing in THEORY. But this just doesn't work. That hair! That weird face she's making! The possibly emerald green clutch! Gillian, you are hilarious and you can do much better!

let's talk about boardwalk empire

Specifically, how rad Chalky's living room is. The blues and greens together? His wife has got fabulous taste. Also, this week's episode was the best in the series thus far, and this season in general has been so much better than last. Give us more Chalky and Harrow please (seriously if the show was just about them I would be OK with it)!

*Not sure what's going on with Blogger's justifications today, but I can't seem to be able to fix it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

reimagining martin scorsese from harper's bazaar

They are doing Gangs of New York, but I mean, WHO CARES CHRISTINA/JACK FOREVERRRR!!!

So Harper's did an editorial where they recast well known Scorsese movies with modern stars in modern fashions (I'm sure you've seen the Chloe Moretz/Keanu Reeves pics floating around), but this is the best one BY FAR for me: Christina Hendricks and Jack Huston. ONLY TWO OF MY MOST FAVOURITE TV ACTORS EVER (or at least right now, but probably forever, I'm loyal like that and they are just that fantastic). Someone needs to make this pairing happen in something, like yesterday.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

i think i OD'd on beauty last night

Between Alexander McQueen's collection coming out yesterday (and being GORGEOUS, as usual), and watching the trailer for Mania I think I broke my brain on all the pretty.
See the complete collection here and be in awe.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i want to go to there: mania

So, they found an early film by a polish silent film actress named Pola Negri(apparently she got quite well known over here, but was a bit too much of a diva for American audiences) that they thought was lost, and remastered it. AND THE CLOTHES ARE FABULOUS. I mean, I can't even articulate how great they are, so I will let the video do the talking for itself. But around the 1:20 mark is probably peak fabulousness.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

paris fashion week: roland mouret and cacharel

Cacharel s/s 2012

Roland Mouret s/s 2012

Ugh, guys. I am so behind on fashion week(s). But these are some of my favourites from Paris! I am a sucker for retro silhouettes and bright colours (especially for spring), so of course Roland Mouret and Cacharel's collections stood out for me. I also have surprisingly a lot of collections that I liked from Milan, because the kind of 50s/60s silhouettes were really big there this year.
See the full Cacharel collection here.
See the full Roland Mouret collection