Thursday, October 13, 2011

reimagining martin scorsese from harper's bazaar

They are doing Gangs of New York, but I mean, WHO CARES CHRISTINA/JACK FOREVERRRR!!!

So Harper's did an editorial where they recast well known Scorsese movies with modern stars in modern fashions (I'm sure you've seen the Chloe Moretz/Keanu Reeves pics floating around), but this is the best one BY FAR for me: Christina Hendricks and Jack Huston. ONLY TWO OF MY MOST FAVOURITE TV ACTORS EVER (or at least right now, but probably forever, I'm loyal like that and they are just that fantastic). Someone needs to make this pairing happen in something, like yesterday.


  1. The newest Harper's with Lady Gaga on the cover? Cause if so I have to purchase that post hence. I don't care about Christina overmuch but I adore Jack Huston.

  2. It might be November's (I'm not sure what's out because I don't really read Harper's)?