Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i'm watching...bomb girls

I was immediately drawn to this little Canadian drama because of the period and the costumes (of course), and the fact that it has Being Erica's Kai in it (although I'm not sure he was the best choice, as his looks don't really suit the period, but that is neither here nor there). I only chanced upon an ad at the movie theatre of all places, otherwise I might not have known about it. So, smart move, Global.
But anyway, it's actually a decent show, with interesting likeable characters, great costumes, and with an incredibly different take on the period (being about the women who worked at munitions factories during the Second World War in Canada). It's not a story that I think has been told in a network drama before. Plus it has the incredible Peter Outerbridge in it, so if there's no other reason to watch it, do it for that! Also, if you're into Murdoch Mysterties (the book or show), you will probably like it, because the concept comes from Maureen Jennings.

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