Thursday, February 17, 2011

best of nyfw fall/winter 2011: libertine

So, I've decided to pick out some of my favourite collections from the current New York Fashion Week, due to wrap up in a couple of days. First up, Libertine. Love the use of colour and pattern in this collection, a bit of an anomoly in a fall collection. But it looks weather appropriate AND fun, which is pretty much my only criteria. Plus while the colours are maybe not very standard, the looks themselves are fairly timeless and classic, and would look good on just about anybody. It reminds me a lot of Proenza Schoeler, but maybe a bit more wearable (I find their clothes really hard to pull off unless you're a certain type of girl, you have to be pretty edgy).I had a hard time picking out just one look as my favourite, but I went with the blue plaid trench and yellow dress mostly because I absolutely ADORE the colour combition. Plus I would wear this outfit in a red hot minute.

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