Sunday, November 20, 2011

alison brie at the gq men of the year awards

Looking good in Mackage, girl! I am especially coveting that clutch, although wtff was going on with the photography at this event? All the pictures were taken by a camera hanging from the ceiling or something. I know a slightly higher angle takes a more flattering picture (at least on me), but this is ridiculous.

Anyway, you might have also heard the horrible news that Community is being shelved for the rest of the season until who knows when. It's not cancelled though, and they are continuing to make episodes, I just have no idea when they're going to air. Apparently NBC really wants Whitney to do well or something (well it's partly because they're moving Up All Night to Thursday, but still one of the crapper shows could have gone), but I still really hate them for their scheduling shenanigans. No wonder no one likes to watch your shows NBC! We have no idea when they're on!!
/end rant

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