Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i watched it: hell on wheels

Just finished watching the premiere episode of AMC's
Deadwood wannabe Hell on Wheels. And...I kind of liked it guys. I kind of liked it a lot. I will break down its awesomeness for you: One, the main character's name is Cullen Bohannon, which I think is kind of the best name ever. Two, he is pretty badass and I kind of would hit that, lol. Three, Lily Bell, token lady, is also kind of awesome. Four, Colm Meaney (O'Brien!!!!) is kind of really good and hilarious. And five, it is beautifully shot and the costumes are all pretty great.

A lot of people were saying that it takes itself too seriously but I kind of disagree with that. I enjoyed Cullen's joke about his gun, I like the little Irish dudes and their prelude to the Nickelodeon, as I said before Colm Meaney's character is so over the top and hilarious. P.S. Loving Lily's red checked vest with black bow thing.

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