Friday, March 4, 2011

best of london fashion week fall/winter 2011: erdem

You've gotta love the inspiration for this collection: "His muse was an artist's wife who flies off the handle, tears apart her partner's canvases, and remakes them as pieces of clothing. With her darkened eyes and disheveled hair, she had a wanton quality that the clothes picked up and ran with." ( I just love this collection. Love the simplicity of the shift dresses with the dissolving tweeds or paint spatter patterns. Plus this is a hugely wearable collection, and a lot of these looks would look great on women of all shapes and sizes. I have a couple other shows that I really liked from London, but I haven't even gotten to Milan, and Paris fashion week is almost OVER. Sigh. But anyway, I also loved from London Burberry Prorsum( (I am a huge fan of Burberry all the time anyway and OMG THE COATS), and Peter Pilotto's ( mix of colour blocking and prints was also quite awesome, almost like if psychadelics and mods had a baby.

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