Wednesday, September 7, 2011

breaking bad 4.08: jesse's shirt

So, Jesse Pinkman wasn't in this week's Breaking Bad that much, but dang, did he make an impression. THAT SHIRT. It was distracting guys. I can't even remember what he said, that thing is so mesmerizing. And in searching for that picture (which took FOREVER) the quote was there, and he said some pretty great things about douchebags.
Also I found out there is a Breaking Bad fashion blog, which I find hilarious because Walt literally has the worst shoes ever.


  1. omg that tee is amazing. i found a similar one, but apparently it doesnt have the "glitter" that jesse's has

    what's the breaking bad fashion blog?


  2. This is where I found it, it's like a podcast site?
    I don't think they talk about Breaking Bad fashion all the time, just when it's interesting.