Thursday, September 29, 2011

i watched pan am!

And I'm gonna say it again: It's not Mad Men. It's not even trying to be (unlike The Playboy Club that almost ripped off scenes shot for shot. It's creepy). Pan Am is pretty, and light and fluffy and fun, and very, very stylish. I like all the characters, and it turns out it is a secret girl power show, because they're more like "stewardesses are the independent women of the future!" (which was true to some extent) instead of focusing on how oppressive the job can be (although they do still show the weigh ins and the girdle checks, which were all very, very real). So if you're looking to drool over some clothes and cheesy sets and not have to use your brain too much, add it to your TV roster. If not, stay far, far away and wait until March (!?) for Mad Men to come back.

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