Wednesday, September 21, 2011

new show bonanza!

So I watched some of the new fall shows, and wanted to give a rundown.

I managed to catch New Girl online when they released the pilot early last week, and while it suffered from the typical comedy pilot curse of having had all the good bits blasted in our faces during summer promos, it shows great promise. Potential is kind of what you have to look for when watching new comedies, because often it takes a few episodes for a series to really get into its groove (examples: Community, Parks and Rec). And New Girl definitely had that. Zooey Deschanel was really funny, I love her character's little songs (and that the theme song for the show actually is the theme song she makes up), and the dude roommates are funny. Even her model friend was pretty funny. Plus bonus points for lots of cute dresses and glasses on Zooey's part. So I will keep watching.

I also watched Ringer because OMG SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR IS BACK!! And of course if anyone's new show deserves a go, it's Buffy. And, aside from that weird cheap looking boat scene, it's a fairly polished and enjoyable show. It's like Gossip Girl's batshit big sister. So yes, really soapy and crazy, but in a good way. And since SMG's character is pretending to be super rich (or is super rich) the clothes are pretty good times. Plus: CUTE BOYS.
I am a huugggge Will Arnett fan, AND a huge Christina Applegate fan, AND a huge 30 Rock fan, so of course I was on board for Up All Night as soon as I heard that Lorne Michaels was producing this show with these two. I would watch them paint a room together, but their show is actually really good. Arnett is not playing GOB Bluth, Maya Rudolph is pretty hilarious, the jokes are solid, and I like that the show portrays a more realistic set of parents who actually seem to have a really good relationship with each other.

I also watched Free Agents (Because OMG GILES!!! Apparently this season is like, let's bring back everyone from Buffy. Although I kind of wish Anya was in something, because she was kind of my favourite), and this is one I didn't really like. It was trying waaaaay too hard to slick and funny and cool (I mean c'mon, TWO Black Keys songs in one episode?). And I just didn't find it all that funny either. I might give the British show it's based off a go (because apparently Anthony Stewart Head is also the boss in that one too), but I've heard it's far from perfect either.

And finally, I gave The Secret Circle a shot. Full disclosure: I actually quite like The Vampire Diaries (although I always catch up either mid or postseason because my Thursday nights are pretty full, and this show is based on books by the same author. Andddddd I kind of like this too. The heroine is kind of cool in the same way that I find Nina Dobrev's character in Diaries kind of cool because they are not dumb. And they are just kind of like "whoa hey whoa supernatural shit, no". Of course they get sucked in anyway, but still. I appreciate the instinct. This girl is literally like "STAY AWAY FROM ME CRAZY WITCHES" which makes sense, because ONE OF THE GIRLS ALMOST BLOWS HER UP IN HER CAR. As a "test of her powers". Girl, I would not want to hang with them either. But one of them is Thomas Dekker (John Connor!!!), so I will at least watch another episode or so and see if the storyline goes anywhere interesting. Plus I have serious bedroom envy like I did for Sabrina the Teenaged Witch, so that is kind of a good sign.

That is probably a drop in the bucket of the new shows that are coming out this year, but really the only other one I'm thinking about (For fall anyway, I think everything else I've been interested is coming out midseason) is Two Broke Girls, which I always want to call Two Drunk Girls for some reason. I'm not usually hugely into the Chuck Lorre machine that is CBS, but is it worth giving it a shot?

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