Sunday, September 4, 2011

craziest sentence in vogue: august 2011 edition

I would also like to point out how hilariously pageanty this cover photo is

This blog may be called "Vogue Made Me Do It" but the reality of this is it's only really recommending sweet period dramas (Downton Abbey!), movies, and books to me. In terms of like, real life advice, Vogue is off in it's super rich fantasy world, which results in some pretty hilarious articles. Since August's issue was the Age Issue, it was of course LOADED with doozies (for example, an article about botoxing your ears, because apparently they get old looking?). This is probably my favourite sentence(s) of the lot though:

"...she orders quiche and salad, I order croque monsieur and salad. No woman wants to outeat her lunch companion, so our chosen dishes arae pleasingly equable as to grossness (animal fats) and healthiness (leaves)...Then she eats a third of the quiche and half the salad." (p. 198)

Clearly, neither of these women have ever eaten lunch with me. I'm pretty sure they'd be appalled. But seriously though, does anyone in their right mind eat THAT LITTLE in a meal? I mean, I can't even get my mind around it. I'm going to assume she had a three course breakfast.

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  1. Oh my god, I laughed for about fifteen minutes. Apparently I skip a lot of the articles in Vogue cause I read that issue and do not recall this at all.